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DFH Environmental Services, old fashioned service .... high technology
When businesses are faced with pressing environmental concerns in an increasingly complex regulatory environment, they must often choose between technology and service. DFH Environmental Services has wed state of the art technology with old fashioned service to provide comprehensive environmental management and remediation services. Serving large and small businesses alike, DFH reacts quickly to provide solutions to a wide range of environmental problems.

Our Qualifications

DFH Environmental Services, Inc. (DFH), was first incorporated in 1988. Specializing in the removal/replacement of Underground Storage Tanks (UST'S) and soil and groundwater remediation, DFH has removed millions of gallons of tankage and remediated thousands of tons of contaminated soil and thousands of gallons of groundwater.
DFH Environmental Services, Inc., is Certified by the State of New Jersey, Department of Environmental Protection to perform the following services: Underground Storage Tank Installation (Entire UST System), Closure, Tank Testing, Subsurface Evaluation, and Corrosion Specialist.
All DFH laborers are OSHA trained and certified as required by law and adhere to a full medical program and Health and Safety plan.
Each customer is provide with an individualized proposal based on a thorough evaluation of their needs and review of the options available.  DFH's ultimate responsibility to its customers is to provide the highest standard of service in accordance with regulatory compliance and cost effectiveness.

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