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UST Tank Services
Tank Service

Federal, state and local governments continue to generate restrictions, rules and regulations governing Underground Storage Tanks (UST's). As a result, UST's represent a severe environmental and economic risk to the regulated community. Because of the high cost DFH emphasizes a preventive approach to dealing with underground tanks.

DFH tank service include:

  • Pressure and Hydrostatic testing
  • Soil testing
  • Tank registration
  • Environmentally approved tank removal
  • Installation of underground and aboveground tanks
  • Canopy and fuel island installation
  • Tank monitoring and tank upgrading
  • Tank removal
  • Turnkey decommissioning
  • Removal and backfill services
  • Evaluation of leak evidence
  • Compliance with recovery requirements for tank removal
  • Industrial tank cleaning and tank lining
  • Tank installation
  • Tank upgrading
Soil Remediation

DFH Environmental soil sampling technicians are trained with a special emphasis on regulatory and protocol sampling. From proper in-house sampler decontamination; to chain of custody initiation and sample delivery, DFH technicians can complete any soil sampling job, surface or subsurface. The company has successfully completed soil removal under severe engineering and time constraints and has demonstrated expertise in disposal and biological treatment of contaminated soil.

  • Soil sampling and analysis
  • Test borings and split spoon sampling
  • Soil removal
  • On-site bacterial soil treatment
  • Test pits and geologic investigations
  • Soil gas surveys and vapor extraction systems
Groundwater Clean-up

DFH routinely applies soil gas surveys as a method of accurately delineating plume extent. The firm's expertise includes testing borings with split spoon sampling according to NJDEP and ISRA protocol. Licensed well installation, monitoring and product recovery are handled by qualified hydro-geologic staff and groundwater sample collection and analysis is available to help comply with federal, state and local regulations. DFH's state of the art equipment includes a product recovery system that is capable of removing pure floating product from a four(4) inch monitoring well thus negating expensive recovery well installation and product disposal. Our system offers the opportunity to sell recovered products which often can cover the cost of recovery and potentially generate profit.

  • Monitoring and Recovery well drilling
  • Groundwater sampling and testing
  • Groundwater control and remediation
  • Pure product recovery
  • Bioremediation
  • Air Sparging and Ozone Destruction
Hazardous Waste and Materials Service
Hazardous waste and materials services

The identification, assessment and remediation of environmental risks in the form of hazardous wastes and toxic materials is an important aspect of DFH's overall services. DFH waste and material management services have ranged from facility-decontamination to ongoing hazardous waste removal operations for industrial clients.
Environmental Investigations

  • Environmental site assesments (ESA) and Audits
  • Hazardous waste assessment analysis, clean-up and disposal
  • Effluent, discharge and permit sampling and analysis
  • RCRA testing
  • Drum inventory, testing, removal and disposal
  • Hazardous Construction Material Identification
  • Waste stream control and reduction
  • Chemical recovery, treatment and removal service
  • Chemical and oil spill response
  • Waste oil recovery
  • Lab Pack Service
  • PCB Disposal and destruction
  • Solvent recovery and disposal
  • Small quantity generator compliance and removal
Chemical Waste Reutilization

chemical recoveryDFH is involved in waste reutilization and minimization for industrial chemicals through process improvements. Simple disposal is neither cost effective nor completely environmentally sound, and in many instances is becoming the target of new regulations- such as SARA.

The DFH Chemical Division services include the recovery of oil, gasoline, solvent and plating wastes providing the dual benefit of waste reduction and asset recovery. Regulations require waste be removed on time and in full compliance and apply to both small and large quantity generators.

Services for Dry Cleaners




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My name is David Hoffman and I am a Licensed Site Remediation Professional, or "LSRP". For 20+ years I have been cleaning up contaminated sites in New Jersey. I can help you get your site cleaned up.

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